CALL FAMN DAMILY FARM TO CHECK PUPPY AVAILABILITY, but the easiest and quickest way to hear back from us is by phone (607) 387-5012.

You can email us at, but the easiest and quickest way to hear back from us is by phone (607) 387-5012.

Please note that this number is a landline and can not be texted.



You can email us at, but the easiest and quickest way to hear back from us is by phone (607) 387-5012.

Please note that this number is a landline and can not be texted.

Breeding Happy and Healthy Golden Retrievers

Famn Damily Farm is an American Kennel Club-certified breeder of Golden Retriever puppies located in Trumansburg, NY. In business since 2001, we work tirelessly to breed and raise Golden Retrievers who are happy, healthy and well-tempered. Our family-owned, family-operated business has provided hundreds of clients with lifelong animal companions.

We never ship puppies. At Famn Damily Farm, we insist on meeting you and your family as we expect you would want to meet us. We are registered with the New York State Department of Agriculture (PD#00708) as well as the AKC, and we receive routine inspections from both organizations.

Our Prices

Please call Famn Damily Farm to learn more about prices and availability. Include with your puppy is:

  • AKC puppy registration application
  • Eight-week puppy shots, worming and vet check
  • A thorough veterinary examination from Dr. Richard Orzeck
  • Copies of the Sire and Dam's pedigree, and copies of their health
  • certificates (available upon request at time of purchase)
  • 8 week Health Certifications
  • Health guarantee

A Word From Our Founder:

In the summer of 2000, my daughter begged me to buy a pup. I told her that I would only say yes if we bought a Golden Retriever. I had seen these dogs and their love for all. I had seen their patience and tolerance with people young and old. I had read "Watchers" by Dean Koontz three times and had fallen in love with one of its animal protagonists, an exceptionally intelligent Golden Retriever named "Einstein." We purchased our first Golden Retriever, Cassie, in October 2000.

After doing extensive research, we decided to breed Cassie when she was two years old. We have Dr. Richard Orzeck and his wife Theresa to thank for their advice and emergency assistance involving labor issues. He acquainted us with genetic problems inherent to Goldens and taught us how to best screen our dogs to avoid some of the health issues common to the breed.

We enclosed two-and-a-half acres around our home and pond with fencing shortly after Cassie was successfully bred. Since I worked out of our home, I was able to supervise, train and play with our expanding group slowly over the next few years. Hence, Famn Damily Farm was born.

Melodie Hammond. Owner & Founder of Famn Damily Farm

Why Famn Damily Farm?

At Famn Damily Farm, our main focus is instilling a calm temperament. Our dogs get along wonderfully with children and kitties. We focus on the four major health clearances for eyes, heart, hips and elbows. We breed dogs that have no hot spots and do not need to have their anal glands drained. While our pups may be busy (because they are pups), we receive many phone calls, emails, cards and letters telling us how calm they are.

When you come to see a pup, you will not find their parents in a cage. All of our dogs are members of our family. While we do have a large pen, our dogs are seldom in it. In fact, mom and dad will insist on meeting you. One of the Goldens' greatest goals in life is making as many human friends as they possibly can. The majority of our clientele comes from referrals.

When coming to pick up a pup, you may have the lucky chance to meet some of the friends of Famn Damily Farm, Phil and Kathy!

Named One of The Best Golden Retriever Breeder in NY


It goes without saying that motherhood is its own reward. Our opportunity to be mothers to sweet Golden Retriever babies is no exception. Fortunately for us, we also get to engage in all sorts of fun, stimulating activities with our dogs. Through these “dog-tivities,” we teach our Golden Retrievers how to have fun the safest, most exhilarating ways they can. The activities our dogs experience growing up at Famn Damily Farm include:

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