Famn Damily Farm
Breeders of AKC Golden Retrievers since 2001
Bella & brother or sister in the blue pool
Bella at six months old
Photogenic Bella at six months old
Dee-oh-gee Bartok & Bella
Dee-oh-gee and Bartok
My name is Bella. I was born on February 13, 2009 at Famn Damily
Farm. Cahlua is my
dad and  Carly is my mom. I was the runt of the
litter and my Grandma Mel nick-named
me 'Tiny.'  She carried me
around in her sweatshirt pocket a lot because I needed some extra
protection. My brothers and sisters were a lot bigger and
stronger than I was and life in the blue pool was a
little rough for me!
My forever-mom, Miss Barbara adopted me on April 10, 2009.
Barbara and I live five miles away from the farm and I go back and visit
my family often. Melodie and Barbara are step-sisters, too.

That's me on the right.
I'm very photogenic!
This is me at about 6 months old.
And then came Bartok! In January 2011 my mom got a call from Grandma
Mel asking "Would you like to adopt another puppy?" Bartok came into our
world on January 12th. Lucky meeeee! I have a little brother!
Bella & brother Bartok on the couch
Make that TWO brothers!
Bartok's brother, Dee-oh-gee
joined us in February 2011! The
fun just never ends at our house!
Dee-oh-gee and Bartok
Me and the boys
Am I gorgeous or what??
My mom says I look a lot
like my Grandma Carmen.
Barbara holding a puppy
A "puppy-fix" visit to the farm on 03-24-2014 . . .
Barbara with one of Cindy Lynn's little girls.
Beautiful Bella
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